GuReview - Alien Encounter

St. Charles, US

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo


Game Played On: Friday, 28th September 2018

Recommended Team Size: 2-4 Players

Kid Friendly: Yes

Game Duration: 60 Min.

Booking Method: Online

Start Time: On Time

Who is this for: Families , Enthusiasts , Other

Live Actor: No

Public Transportation: N/A

Parking: Venue Free Parking

Parking lot directly in front of venue

Overview Notes:

Sci Fi fans will find several interesting components within this Escape Room to explore! Be prepared for a puzzle heavy experience.

The Venue   

Venue / Lobby Info:

A large open area immediately when you enter grants ample space for waiting players to congregate. It reminded me of how laser tag waiting areas used to feel.

Public Restrooms: Yes

Refreshments: No

Notes for People with Disabilities:

Call ahead prior to booking. This room has some rough terrain for those with mobility concerns.

The Game   

Game Introduction: There's a gigantic laser beam that we need to turn off!

Operator Intro: Interesting

Theme: Fantasy / Fiction

Narrative: Defuse the explosive device

Main room first glance: OK

Our game begins in an anti-climactic bare room with some puzzles on the walls. With the crazy door entrance, it was a little disappointing. The set design improves as the game continues forward.

Flow: Good Flow - one thing leads to another. Sometime not clear

There are two distinct puzzle paths for a significant amount of the game play, keeping multiple enthusiasts engaged for most of the hour. Leaps of logic are needed to keep the game moving - there is no obvious game flow.

Puzzles: Some of them were great (matched promised level)

Lots and lots of puzzles, ranging in difficulty from easy to very difficult. Pattern recognition and the ability to discern colors in odd lighting will help you in your mission.

Game Strengths:

Unique puzzles - large playing space

Game Weaknesses:

A great 'wow!' tech moment didn't work due to faulty tech within the room - some signage or direction within the room would provide a more concise experience

Hints & Clues, Debrief   

Method: Other

Quality: Good (things made sense)

Closure & Debrief: Very Good

Final Thoughts:

Alien Encounter provides an enthusiast-level puzzle-heavy challenge. With a large set to explore and plenty to do, I look forward to playing more games at IPanic.

Did You Escape: Yes


Overall Game:   

Game Master:   

Fun Factor:   

Guru Score:  

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