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GuReview - Boda Borg-Boston

Malden, US

by Gureviewer: Theresa Wagner

Ease Of Booking :

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : The lobby design was great -- the colors fit with the Boda Borg theme, and the hallways really played up the themes of the rooms. You could tell what room you were about to go in by a digital display above every door, with posters all over the place of various rooms they offered.

Hospitality : The staff was wonderful, and there were restrooms on both floors. We took often trips to the restrooms, as most of the challenges are physical and required either crawling or climbing, and everyone wanted to wash their hands. They had a taco bar, and a quick snack stand for food, but also gave suggestions on outside food venues.

Time Keeping : Every room had a time limit, but that was never an issue. We either failed the room (and trust me, you fail a lot!), or got stuck and got 'booted' from the room. We had all day passes, which were black wristbands, but other people had colored wristbands signifying what time they had to do rooms until.

Briefing Details : The briefing for every room was vastly different, and was not directly delivered. Every room gave off the vibe of the theme, such as Jungle or Rats. There was not a deep story, but with a location that holds 17 mini rooms, this was not important. The pirate themed room held somewhat of a historical story, but it was not prominent. Upon first entering each room, the room sucks the players in. This allows for excitement and curiosity among 'questers,' which really added to the overall experience.

Operator Intro : Exciting - takes you into the story

Operators :

The staff was incredibly friendly!

The Game :

The games were overall very well thought out, and showed how much effort the staff put in to making an incredibly fun 'escape room theme park,' or close to one.

The Venue :

The venue was truly incredible, and is definitely a must stop at in Boston!

Main Room - First Glance :


Each of the rooms was vastly different, allowing for a different theme and skill to be played out. I will list the themes below, and recommend as best as I can: 1. Rock and roll -- This one was fun for a few tries, but a little worn out (I believe it was one of the first rooms). The theme of the room is manipulating balls in different ways. Definitely try once. It took us 2 tries to beat this room. 2. Quiz show -- Honestly, this was my least favorite room. We had no interest in it, and didn't even bother to go back in after the first try. 3. Coach -- This only had 2 rooms, instead of the usual 3-4, but was pretty cool. It took us 2 tries to beat this room. It plays out like a basketball game that you would see in an arcade. 4. Dansa Pausa -- This had to have been one of my favorite rooms, even though I'm not a typical dance person. The room was themed around dance and music, and was overall quite fun. We beat this room on our first try. 5. Tough, Tougher, Toughest -- This room has a different feel for completion. You get a stamp after each of the 3 sections, instead of one stamp at the end of the entire thing. The course was built like a jungle gym from your childhood, yet slightly harder. I was able to get through Tough, but got stuck on Tougher. My brother, who is 15, was able to get through all three sections. We tried this twice, and got only the Tough stamp. 6. Rats -- Rats was REALLY COOL. Like, I really felt like a rat. Everything in this room is gigantic to make you feel like a small animal scurrying around a house, stealing cheese. It took us around 6 tries to get to the last room, and ended up running out of time to get the stamp. 7. Step Up -- This one was worth skipping. If you want to jump on and off of platforms, be my guest. Otherwise, save it for the gym. The music and lights were cool in this room, but the force it took to jump up and down the stairs to the lights was exhausting. We tried this room 2 times, and got to the second part, but ultimately gave up. 8. Light and Dark -- This room was really cool design wise, but I'm not quite sure how we got through it. This took us 3 times to get the stamp. The overall theme of the room is a space / sun / moon / day / night kind of thing, and is definitely stylistically pleasing. 9. Alcatraz -- The design of this room was like no other in the facility, and they really made you feel like you were attempting to escape Alcatraz. You start in a jail cell, and have to make it through three different areas before you can escape for good. We tried this 5 or 6 times, but the line was quite long. The room itself was a ton of fun, and challenging both mentally and physically. We understood how to get the final stamp, but ran out of time. 10. Pirates -- Pirates was another game that was designed well beyond the others. There were 4 rooms in this one, which was more than the average, but each room really pose a different challenge. The rooms related to each other, and each was quite a bit of fun. We got to the last area and couldn't figure it out. 11. Super Banan -- Another physical one, this is one of their most challenging rooms physically. Our group was unable to get past the first room, since my balance is horrible, but even just the first room was aesthetically pleasing and a ton of fun. We tried this 3 times. 12. Infra -- Oh, the infamous Infra. I do not think a single group that has ever made it through this room understands what is going on. The room is supposed to make use of IR lights, but that's about all I understood. We made it past the first room after 15+ attempts, and gave up after that. 13. Jungle -- The jungle was one of the most fun rooms, and was physically challenging. Although all of the rooms require teamwork, Jungle brought that to the next level. My team loved going through this, and we got the stamp twice because it was fun and challenging. 14. Spook house -- This room was by far the best design, and really felt like you were in a haunted house (don't worry, nothing jumps out at you). The puzzles were really cool and mentally challenging, and the entire area was well thought out. We went through this probably 10 times, and still didn't beat the last room, but knew how to. 15. Platoon -- This room was another well designed room. You were a soldier trying to get through the area without blowing up. These rooms were really fun, and my group especially had a ton of fun with the third room. We ended up not getting the stamp because one team member 'jumped the gun,' but it was very fun. 16. Bollkoll-- The 3rd room here is the best room. The name loosely translates to Ball Control, and the rooms are designed with questers playing with different balls in different ways. We tried this 5 or 6 times to get to the end, and it was so worth it. 17. 27 Seconds -- This room still bugs me to this day, as my group and I spent probably 30-40 minutes trying to figure out this room. The room is called 27 seconds for a reason, but beyond that is spoiler territory. Make sure to check this out, as the designs of the rooms are great. (I FORGOT ABOUT) 18. Farm -- Farm was adorable, and the first room we did there. This room was really cute, and well thought out. It really felt like you were on a farm with the animals, and it was perfect as a first room. I recommend everyone starting here!

Flow :

Excellent flow - flawless and coherent

Going from room to room was easy, and intuitive.

Puzzles :

Well thought of. Intriguing

The puzzles varied a ton between each quest, and even each room. Each one was thought out, and no two puzzles were the same.

Hints & Clues : There was a strict no hint policy, as staff members are told not to give away the secrets of the room. It is even very hard to find clues online on how to solve the rooms. Other players may trade hints for hints, but it varies depending on the crowd. Hints were not necessary to have a fun time.

Policy: Strict Policy

Hints & Clues Quality: Clues were not delivered to players.

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief :

Excellent (Catharsis)

At the successful completion of every room, the player gets a stamp to stamp their card, or, in our case, our arms. Make sure to get a card at the door, so your precious stamps do not wash away in the much needed shower afterwards.

Venue Description: The venue was large and very well decorated. Everything was surprisingly clean considering how many people go in there throughout the day, and the staff was very helpful and informative.

Public Transportation : Some

I can imagine there being public transport, as it is in Boston. The bus stop is a short distance from the front door.

Parking : Paid parking, next to the venue

Parking was incredibly cheap and easy to find, there is a parking deck across the street from the location. Boda Borg verifies 2 hours of parking, but it is $2 beyond the first 2 hours per hour.

Theme: Abstract / No Theme

Narrative: Abstract - No Overarching Narrative

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