GuReview - Cuckoo’s Nest

Ronkonkoma, US

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo


Game Played On: Sunday, 3rd June 2018

Recommended Team Size: 3-5 Players

Kid Friendly: Yes

Game Duration: 60 Min.

Booking Method: Walk In

Start Time: On Time

Who is this for: Families, Enthusiasts, Beginners, Thrill Seekers, Other

Live Actor: No

Public Transportation: N/A

Parking: Venue Free Parking

Ample parking in parking lot in front of building.

Overview Notes:

Due to the nature of some puzzles within the room, 3-4 players is the ideal team size. *Do not play this room if you are claustrophobic* There are some creepy elements to the room that would make this room best suited for those 13+.

The Venue   

Venue / Lobby Info:

Padlocked is located in a strip mall, on the far end. When driving, it is easy to see from a car. Walking in, Padlocked's lobby is on the smaller side, with seating for about 6 people. If you are coming as a large group, I would recommend meeting at the pizzeria a few doors down, and coming in together as a group right before your game time. There's an office to the left of the main entrance, and seating is directly in front and along the right side. There is a 'lobby puzzle' while you wait - if you solve it, you will receive a very useful prize!

Public Restrooms: Yes

Refreshments: No

Notes for People with Disabilities:

Call prior to booking. This room requires the ability to crawl/kneel, and a significant part of the game is played in low light.

The Game   

Game Introduction: A patient is missing and we were left in a doctor's office... We have an hour to get out!

Operator Intro: OK

Theme: Investigation, Crime, Mystery,_crime, mystery

Narrative: Escape a Specific Unpleasant Place

Main room first glance: Looks Good

We begin our adventure in an unassuming doctor's office setting. It fit the theme of the game very well.

Flow: Very Good and coherent flow

The first half of the game has flawless, amazing flow that makes this room a joy to play. The second half of the game, our team fell victim to overthinking.

Puzzles: Good puzzles

While sticking to mostly low tech puzzles, this multi-room experience provides a true taste to the range of possibilities present when you let your imagination run wild. There is one particularly fun element to this room making it a real treat to play.

Game Strengths:

Unique segue between rooms - Fun puzzles - puzzles stay on theme - wow elements present

Game Weaknesses:

At one point, we had to open a maglock'd cabinet with our foot. This ruined the flow for several minutes where we had to ask for a clue to continue the game progression. - Room feels tired and needs a refresh

Hints & Clues, Debrief   

Method: Walkie Talkie

Quality: Good (things made sense)

Closure & Debrief: Very Good

Final Thoughts:

The Cuckoo's Nest is my favorite room to be found at Padlocked! For an older room, it has a lot of fun moments. While not puzzle heavy, there was a lot to appreciate within the experience.

Did You Escape: Yes


Overall Game:   

Game Master:   

Fun Factor:   

Guru Score:  

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