GuReview - Dark Altar

Markham, CA

by Gureviewer: leonsan

Ease Of Booking :

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : Staff is nice and welcoming. Customer service is decent, especially when they are a bit busy, then you have to remind them or else you might missed your time. Lobby is great for big teams. Not much design, but on the reception area, they show all the room they have, it's kind of useful for new players and particularly helpful for walk-in customers Atmosphere is cheerful and exciting.

Hospitality : They don't have a rest room, they provide some table and bench for you to sit and wait for your game to start. Once again, if you do an escape room there, they offer a discount for their board game pass which is only $4, and you will get a $4 worth of bubble along with your board pass. I suggest you get the board

Time Keeping : Usually, you will have to wait for approximately 10-15 before going into the room. Since it's a Thursday, i guess there is less people at that time so it's only took us less than 10 min. Relatively short waiting time.

Briefing Details : Pre-room experience is decent, just blindfold and lead us into the room. Then introduction story-line is played in the room. You can't take of the blindfold before the narration is finished. The story line is kind of nah, wouldn't say it's the best that they offer.

Operator Intro : OK

Operators :

Customer service is decent, gamemaster is average. Can be easily ignore when they are busy.

The Game :

Room quality and design is ordinary, not matching the Omescape's quality. However, I have to give credit for the unique puzzle. Really capture my team throughout the game. Puzzle and tech fit well with the theme.

The Venue :

Lobby and rest area is nice. Large space for team. Enough space to fit around 50 ppl.

Main Room - First Glance :

Looks Good

The quality of the room is slightly disappointed. Compare to the 4 other rooms they have. This one will definitely be last in term of room quality. However, it's not super bad since there is horrible escape room out there. Just disappointing, not the Omescape's quality you expected.

Flow :

Good Flow - one thing leads to another. Sometime not clear

Flow is decent as well. Not too impressive. I expected more from a room in Omescape.

Puzzles :

Some of them were great (matched promised level)

Even though the room is not as good, puzzles in the room is still Omescape quality, I am pretty satisfied with the puzzle. Some interesting and challenging puzzles for beginning. Good used of tech as well. The puzzles are probably the only thing you should looking forward to when you play this room.

Hints & Clues : Infinite hints "Elite Escaper" if your team escape without any hint

Policy: Strict Policy

Hints & Clues Quality: You get to ask for as many hints as you needed to. You will ask the hints with the Walkie Talkie.(i.e. Hello, Dark Altar, we need a hint) That's the format you use to ask for hints. Ensure that the person that in charge of the walkie talkie does not change the channel accidentally because the staff won't be able to answer you if you are in a different channel.

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief :

Very Good

Classic end, if you don't finish gamemaster will come in and walk you through the room. The gamemaster will explain all the puzzle and answer all your questions. Some of the gamemasters are better, more enthusiastic, energetic.

Venue Description: Easy to access there. Can either take TTC or drive. Try to look for the sign or else it really easy to missed the turn if you are driving there. Should have at least a few Parking spot usually. Many parking lot around the area as well so don't worry about no parking space to park your car

Public Transportation : Excellent

Parking : Venue Free Parking

Theme: Modern Era (2000-2016)

Narrative: Investigate a Crime or Mystery

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