West Hempstead, US

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

We played this room at a discount given to us by the venue owner. We booked online about a month in advance without any issues.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : When walking into the office suite, there is a very small lobby with a desk at the end that doubles as the venue's 'control room'. There is seating for 6-8 people in the lobby. If you are a large group, you are best to arrive together a few minutes before your game begins. The color scheme is black/white/red, and is very clean looking and bright.

Hospitality : This venue is owned and operated by a family, that has designed and built each room on their own. Upon entry, the owner met with us and showed us around the facility. Restrooms are located on the 2nd floor right down the hall from the escape room. While refreshments are not available for purchase at the escape room, there are several places to eat within a short walk away.

Time Keeping : The game started on time

Briefing Details : We knew this was a serial killer room, and that we were trying to escape. My partner was blindfolded and we were led into the room separately, where we were then chained up to the wall!

Operator Intro : Exciting - takes you into the story

Operators :

The game operators are courteous, professional, and love what they do. It shows in the way that they treat guests and run Epic escape

The Game :

If you have to pick one game to play at Epic, this would be the game to play.

The Venue :

Clean venue, wonderful staff, and solid games for the Long Island market. I would play other games at this location as more become available.

Main Room - First Glance :


Dark and twisted, this room looks like a serial killer's secret lair. This room's set is instantly immersive, complete with a talking Chucky doll to set the mood!

Flow :

Very Good and coherent flow

By far, Killer Feature has the best flow of the three rooms at Epic Escape. It is smooth, with a few puzzles being able to be worked on simultaneously. We didn't need to use any clues to figure out what to do next or where to go, and it felt like a 'good' room that progressed at a pretty quick pace.

Puzzles :

Some of them were great (matched promised level)

This room would be a FANTASTIC room to introduce new players to escape rooms. It is smooth, with unique puzzles that are difficult without being super time consuming. This has to be one of the smoothest Gen 1 games I have ever played, with some really fun unexpected puzzles and set pieces.

Hints & Clues : 3 hints per game, with an additional 3 hints available via social media. We have not come across this before, and it was a very unique addition.

Policy: Some Rules

Hints & Clues Quality: I enjoyed that the clues given did not give away the game elements - the GM provides just enough information for us to be able to complete the task at hand.

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief :

Excellent (Catharsis)

We escaped the serial killer's lair and learned the secrets of the room. This room is set up perfectly to keep 3-4 players entertained at the same time. Doing this room as a duo was a little tough but completely doable. More than 4 players and you may run into some bottleneck moments.

Venue Description: Initially, we drove past the venue while searching for the building. On our second go around, we saw a sign hung up on the 2nd floor of an office building for Epic. We were able to park directly in front, and there was additional signage on the side of the building as well as once we were inside on their door. ADA notice: The main entrance to the building has several stairs.

Public Transportation : Some

I am not familiar with the bus routes in the area

Parking : Venue Free Parking| Street parking – lots of it

We parked directly in front of the venue

Theme: Horror

Narrative: horror

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