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GuReview - Paradiso: The Memory Room

New York, US

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

Booked online same day I wanted to play with no issues.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : When arriving, I wasn't sure that I was in the correct place - there was just a random door where I 'thought' the game may be, based on where I had played prior. There was enough seating for about 8 people, and we ran into a few other players that were going to play with us. *Public Booking*

Hospitality : It took our game master about 10 minutes to realize we arrived and to provide the waiver for us to sign. This venue still uses paper waivers. There are key-entry restrooms on each floor in this building that are small but clean. While refreshments aren't available inside of Paradiso, there are several places to eat in the near vicinity.

Time Keeping : Our game started about 10 minutes late.

Briefing Details : Our GM led us into a room with white walls and photos on the wall, assigning us each a number. We were told 'good luck' and the game began.

Operator Intro : OK

Operators :

The GM for our game was not very attentive in the beginning, but during our game, Paradiso staff snapped into action.

The Game :

The good: unique elements, beautiful visuals, great flow. The bad: Linear in nature while allowing a large public group to book. Ultimately this room should be a private experience with no more than 6 tickets sold for any timeslot.

The Venue :

Better signage is required for this escape room. The lobby is spartan and took quite some time for us to be acknowledged. This all being said - the Memory Room puts Paradiso back on the map for being a well thought out, immersive escape room that is truly an enjoyable hour. I look forward to playing their next game/chapter.

Main Room - First Glance :


In this game.. the walls are a visual spectacular that change as you progress through the game. I cannot go into further detail without spoiling this room. It was unique and unexpected, I was pleasantly surprised.

Flow :

Very Good and coherent flow

Compared to Chapter 1.. this room is completely the opposite. Smooth sailing, each puzzle and part of the game blended together beautifully. Pro Tip: This room is linear in nature, and has enough puzzles to keep an experienced group of 2-4 players entertained. We had a group of 7, and there were several moments where half of us were standing around doing nothing.

Puzzles :

Well thought of. Intriguing

Several puzzles had very unique elements, and I was very happy with how they utilized the room.

Hints & Clues : There is no real clue policy for this room that we're aware of.

Policy: Loose or no policy

Hints & Clues Quality: We didn't use any clues.

Quality: OK

Closure & Debrief :

Excellent (Catharsis)

We escaped with 9 minutes to spare, one minute short of breaking the room record. With the way this game is designed, it is difficult to finish the room any faster - the visuals are timed/paced in a way that you will use most of the full hour.

Venue Description: There are several escape room companies within the same building. Please make sure you go to the correct floor when you enter this office building. This game is on the 14th floor.

Public Transportation : Excellent

Being near the Empire State Building. The B,D,F,M,N,Q,R,W, 6, and about 2 dozen buses all stop within a 5 minute walk of the venue. The location of Paradiso is no longer treated as a secret.

Parking : Only street parking – well-packed| Paid parking, next to the venue

$47 for 3 hours of parking.

Theme: Future / Technological

Narrative: Abstract - No Overarching Narrative

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