GuReview - Resident Evil

Singapore, SG

by Gureviewer: The Objective Reviewer

Ease Of Booking :

Easy to book desired slot through the system.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : The lobby is large, and the walls are decorated with the photos of other players. The area looks a bit underlit though. There is also limited seating for the large area.

Hospitality : Staff are friendly and helpful. Rest rooms are available and drinks can be bought from the staff.

Time Keeping : There is an electronic timer in the room so players can know how much time they have used up and how much is left. Though the room being big, there are some instances where it is difficult to check the timer.

Briefing Details : Briefing is pretty standard and run of the mill. Feel that it was more to give the backstory only, which in this particular room, seemed to have very little connection with the puzzles and theme.

Operator Intro : OK

Operators :

Xcape probably caters well to groups who would like an escape room experience or game. They have a variety of rooms of varying difficulty.

The Game :

While there are many interactive features which shows effort, probably lacking in thought that many of these are bottle-neck points and should be split into different rooms rather than cramped into one. Lack of theme relationship is the most glaring issue with this room.

The Venue :

Venue is central and accessible. Just that the lobby doesn't look very welcoming or professional just plastered with marketing materials of photos of players and info on rooms.

Main Room - First Glance :


Main room is relatively small and bare. Decor is limited, so there isn't much needed in terms of searching. Team is split into two. The other room is also quite small, but better lit. Puzzle information tends to be presented plainly on the walls.

Flow :

Bad Flow

The puzzles are not thematic, and just a smorgasbord of tasks not connected to the backstory. No idea how the puzzles tie together, relate or advance the story. Players are still quite clueless at the end.

Puzzles :

Some were quite trivial / No justification

This room is well-known for its interactive features, which should appeal to escapists who enjoy techie gadgets and physical puzzles. However, while a lot of effort has probably gone into these, the experience from the perspective of a player is unfortunately less great. Despite the large size of this room, most of the puzzles can only be solved by 1-2 players at a time, which creates a bottleneck, and leaves all the other players standing around just waiting for the puzzle to be solved.

Hints & Clues : Limited hints, had to call the staff using the intercom. But more help could probably be sought if necessary. Really depends on how much the players want to solve the room by themselves.

Policy: Some Rules

Hints & Clues Quality: Hints are quite direct, not really for players who prefer to be guided or nudged to the solution.

Quality: OK

Closure & Debrief :


Debrief more to explain the puzzles missed, but doesn't really explain the lack of connection to the theme. Nothing is related to Resident Evil, and it seems like just a shameless rip-off of a popular franchise name. Overall you might only want to consider trying this room for the gadgets, and only in a small group of 4.

Venue Description: Venue is located on the second floor in a shop house row. The location is near Bugis MRT, and also convenient and accessible by bus. There are parking options nearby in Bugis Junction shopping mall.

Public Transportation : Excellent

Parking : Paid parking, next to the venue

Theme: Horror

Narrative: Gather Intelligence or Espionage

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