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GuReview - Suicide Hotel

Brooklyn, US

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

Komnata's booking site is super easy to sign up for games.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : Once down the wrought iron stairs, you should be able to see a door marked 'Komnata', else it's a dark door. When you are inside, there is a desk to the left side, a hallway in front of you, and seating off to the left side. The entire lobby is pretty dark and bare, with a coffee table with some hard candy and a few games on it.

Hospitality : Depending on the day, depends who is working and how hospitable/social their staff is. At this point in time, we have met most of their staff over the past 3 years that work the front desk and game masters, and overall they are pretty friendly. Some are enthusiasts themselves, while others have only played games through Komnata. Most of the staff is local, so they are great at recommending bars and restaurants to check out in the area. For the restroom, you walk down a long hallway (the one you saw when you first entered) and there is a tiny (but clean) restroom for use.

Time Keeping : In some of the rooms, there are clocks or indication to time left. In others, there is no 'clicking clock' to watch. Our game started on time.

Briefing Details : Our gamemaster led us to a door, and said that we were checking into the hotel, into room 1408. There were some weird events going on in this hotel, and not everyone who checks in checks out.

Operator Intro : Exciting - takes you into the story

Operators :

Operators are polite, social, and pleasant to spend time with when we arrive to games early.

The Game :

While this game is still wonderful, it does not have the same 'WOW!' factors of other Komnata games.

The Venue :

There is a certain level of expectations playing at Komnata facilities (they have rooms all over the world), and this location does not disappoint. Each game is creative, unique, and worth the expense.

Main Room - First Glance :

Looks Good

Interestingly enough, in the year or so that this room has been open, the name has changed several times. When we played, the game was '1408', and was later changed to '1409'. Now, it's showing up as the 'suicide hotel' on their site. This is the SAME GAME, regardless of the name. When you walk in, the room looks exactly like a hotel room. Bed, tv, dresser, it could be out of any motel that you have ever seen in your life.

Flow :

Good Flow - one thing leads to another. Sometime not clear

Without giving anything away, this is the first game I have experienced where it is possible for HALF the team to escape, trapping the other half inside the room to lose. While this is a unique feature to this room, it also disrupts the flow of the game if this happens to happen to you, especially at the end of the hour. Besides this one little pickle, the game is coherent, with puzzles flowing perfectly from one area of the game to the next.

Puzzles :

Some of them were great (matched promised level)

The puzzles matched the theme of the room almost perfectly. However, I was disappointed to see several of the elements from their other games repeated in this game. While it did not take away from the game experience or game play, this room didn't have the 'WOW!' factor in their puzzles that the other games have had because of this. However, I do have to give them credit as this room uses almost no Gen1 style puzzles, but still has an 'old timey' feel to the room.

Hints & Clues : Three clues.

Policy: Some Rules

Hints & Clues Quality: Komnata is excellent at 'nudging' players if they go too far off course, without giving away answers or making it feel like you are being spoon fed the entire game.

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief :

Very Good

We escaped the room with all of our team members (four experienced escape artists), and lived to talk about it. We were rounded up, photos taken, and are excited to play our next Komnata game. With four advanced players, it took us 45 minutes to complete this room. 3 advanced players, or a group of 4-5 beginners, will be able to complete this room. I would not recommend it played with 2 people, as some of the puzzles are a bit of a stretch to do with 2 people.

Venue Description: The outside of the building is a red, brick, 4 story building on the corner. The entrance to Komnata Quest is on the Kent side of the block, down the wrought iron black stairs. There is usually no signage to indicate where you are going, but we have seen a sign temporarily outside saying 'Komnata' once. Do not allow this weird entrance, or lack of signage, deter you from entering the facility.

Public Transportation : Excellent

Excellent 2 Blocks away from the Greenpoint Ave (G) Train, and about a 15 minute walk to the Bedford Ave (L) Train

Parking : Street parking – some| Only street parking – well-packed

There are no parking garages in the area, parking is all on the street. Sometimes we've found parking immediately, othertimes it has taken a half hour. Leave plenty of time to find parking!

Theme: Horror

Narrative: Escape a Specific Unpleasant Place

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