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GuReview - Sunderland Hollow

Port Jefferson, US

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

Booked about a month in advance online.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : If a college dorm room and a psychic parlour shared a storefront, this would perfectly describe the lobby at Know Escape. There's a couch with a blanket thrown across it, a laptop set up, a bunch of computer monitors, a bookcase, and some gaming systems. Among the books and games, there's some signs for local businesses, some cards, and a few mismatched chairs. Again, a fair amount of the lighting is from that strange purple glow.

Hospitality : Greg, the owner, was a fabulous host. He offered us coffee or tea while we waited for the room to reset. There is a small hidden restroom off the side of the lobby. *Spoilers* The lobby and control room are the same room. Do not arrive to this venue too early prior to game start.

Time Keeping : Our game started on time. Keep in mind - this room is NOT a 60 minute escape room. The owner will let you continue playing until the end of your adventure, time permitting.

Briefing Details : Greg, who was also our GM, led us into the first room of the game. A short video played explaining the mystery we were solving, and off we go!

Operator Intro : Interesting

Operators :

Professional, Friendly, and Courteous.

The Game :

This was one of the best games we've played in the past year. It was fun, engaging, accessible, and kept us busy.

The Venue :

The entrance and lobby is kind of weird, but don't let first impressions ruin this experience for you. The game is amazing, well thought out, and run by a true escape room enthusiast. You can tell how much work was put into the design, and it is so much fun!!

Main Room - First Glance :

Nice & Neat!

Upon entry, the first thing you will notice, is an entire miniature village built within the escape room. It brought back memories of my Grandmother's lighthouse collection as I was growing up. In a strange way, it worked with the game, and first looks can be deceiving. This experience is much deeper, and goes much further, than first expected.

Flow :

Excellent flow - flawless and coherent

I have never played a 'mom & pop' escape room that had such amazing puzzle flow. One thing led to the next, and wherever there would be any ambiguity, the designer had placed a sign or note to indicate what to do or where to go. It was smooth, fun, and kept our small group engaged.

Puzzles :

Well thought of. Intriguing

I wish there was a 'HOLY CRAP BATMAN' option. While there were several puzzles off theme, they were fun, interesting, and kept us engaged. We were laughing through half the experience, and it was the most fun we've had in a long time.

Hints & Clues : Hints were given via baby monitor... The joke on us is that it was the same one we had at home.

Policy: Loose or no policy

Hints & Clues Quality: The GM would nudge us when we weren't sure of a puzzle, but didn't disclose any answers.

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief :

Excellent (Catharsis)

We escaped the room in about 75 minutes, taking our time and enjoying each component of the room. Our photos were taken afterwards. The GM walked us through any parts we had questions about. This room was SO GOOD that we planned a 2nd trip out here 2 weeks later, for other enthusiasts to go and play. During this second trip, Greg was just as amazing.

Venue Description: This is the strangest escape room venue we've been to thus far. It was night time, and the businesses on that side of the street were closed... There was a weird, eerie purple glow coming from the 2nd floor of a building. Sure enough, this was the escape room. We parked, walked up to the purple glowing building, and found a tiny sign that directed us upstairs.

Public Transportation : N/A

Parking : Street parking – some| Paid parking – remote (5 min. walk+)

Parked on the street, meters were not in effect.

Theme: investigation,_crime, mystery

Narrative: Find the Missing Person

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