GuReview - Temple Escape


by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo


Game Played On: Friday, 28th December 2018

Recommended Team Size: 2-4 Players

Kid Friendly: See Notes

Game Duration: <=30 Min.

Booking Method: Online

Start Time: On Time

Who is this for: Families , Searchers

Live Actor: No

Public Transportation: Some

Parking: Street parking – some

Parked down the block, meters were not in effect

Overview Notes:

This game is uncomfortably dark - while not scary, keep this in mind when choosing your experience.

The Venue   

Venue / Lobby Info:

Before entering the building, enjoy the colorful lights around the top of the 2nd floor! It almost looks like a castle in the sky at night. Walking into the lobby, there is an elevator with clear signage directing you to the second floor. Upon the elevator doors opening, you will quickly see where you need to walk to - a receptionist desk and ample seating await you. Several video games line the wall of the waiting area. Upstairs, there is a miniature golf course and tiki bar!

Public Restrooms: Yes

Refreshments: Yes

Notes for People with Disabilities:

There are tripping hazards paired with low light present within this experience.

The Game   

Game Introduction: Solve ancient puzzles and release the skull! Sounds easy enough, right?!

Operator Intro: Interesting

Theme: Adventure

Narrative: Carry out a Heist

Main room first glance: Looks Good

The game begins in a very dark, tomb like room. You quickly will discover a friendly explorer that did not make it out in time! Creepy and dark, but not scary, the space is begging to be explored.

Flow: Not that good. A bit confusing

The low lighting paired with search/logic leaps makes for a frustrating experience.

Puzzles: Good puzzles

This is a search heavy experience, with only a handful of actual puzzles present. Actual puzzles were moderate in difficulty.

Game Strengths:

beautiful set design

Game Weaknesses:

Too dark with no alternative light sources - tripping hazards present - game flow feels unfinished

Hints & Clues, Debrief   

Method: Other

Quality: Good (things made sense)

Closure & Debrief: OK

Final Thoughts:

With their unique use of space (all game entrances are visible from the waiting area) and their 'full line of entertainment' approach, they are a welcome addition to the area. Temple Escape is good for larger teams of 3-4 players that are willing to explore small spaces in the dark. Some additional light sources are needed, as well as some game flow modifications to make this game live up to it's full potential.

Did You Escape: No


Overall Game:   

Game Master:   

Fun Factor:   

Guru Score:  

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