GuReview - The Haunting

Orlando, US

by Gureviewer: Jordan Tranberg

Ease Of Booking :

We used a Groupon to book our room. The code was easy to copy and paste into the booking website and it was simple to find our room and a time slot.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : The lobby was a pretty large, open space. There is a nice photo taking space with lots of props. There's lots of seating and it was nice and cool on such a hot day. Mind Quest has a nice steampunk puzzle feel. Lots of top hats, candles, pipes, etc. I really liked how the iPads for the waivers were set up in a little station, super easy to access and to use.

Hospitality : We were greeted in person as soon as we walked in the door. The young lady that greeted us was very nice. We didn't use the restroom while we were there, but as far as I know, there were restrooms available in the venue. After our game received a branded mini bottle of water and a branded wristband.

Time Keeping : The time keeping/clue system was done on an IPad that we took in the room with us. Our Game Master started our time remotely after she left room and we were able to move the iPad around the room with us to keep track of time. I really enjoyed that.

Briefing Details : We didn't receive a full, traditional briefing. We got a basic "don't move furniture, don't break anything, no clues will be out of reach, etc" quick talk once we were already in the room before we began. The game briefing itself was much better, but still a little confusing. I feel like maybe our GM was kind of new, she seemed like she didn't really know exactly what she should be saying. She got through it though and I appreciated her really trying.

Operator Intro : OK

Operators :

She was very nice and seemed like she liked her job, I just wish she would have been more informational with us.

The Game :

Overalll, the game was fine. It wasn't the best, but it sure wasn't the worst I've Weber been to either. Puzzle structure was ok, I just wish the tech for that one puzzle worked better.

The Venue :

Very beautiful and spacious!!!

Main Room - First Glance :

Nice & Neat!

The main room was pretty elaborate and was themed well. We were in an office that had become a museum. The office belonged to a famous gentleman who's whole family had died back in the 1800's. We were on a mission to discover if the office was haunted and if so, to communicate with the spirits. I have to be honest, there was some pretty awesome tech in this room. We had a bit of trouble using a specific device, but it's because the instructions weren't super clear. Once we figured out how to use the device, we were fine. The main room also was really cool t me because I'm a huge fan of strong puzzles with lots of red herrings. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just leave it at that.

Flow :

Good Flow - one thing leads to another. Sometime not clear

The flow of the room a little hit and miss. There were some strong puzzles, but there were also some not so strong puzzles. We did enjoy the task based puzzles though. I feel like as the room progressed, the puzzle difficulty did as well, which I think was subtle test still effective. We got stuck twice, where we just couldn't figure out what the heck to do next. One of these issues was due to our lack of open minded ness, the other was simply just a bad puzzle, with bad direction.

Puzzles :

Good puzzles

As I said before, the puzzles were very hit and miss. There were some puzzles that really made us have to work together and think outside the box, and there were others that didn't really make sense at all. There was a puzzle where we had to line something up correctly and it seemed to not be working, so after trying for about 5 minutes or so, we abandoned the idea and tries something else, about 5 minutes later we used a hint, and they told us to go back to lining up the objects. It eventually worked...what a waste of a clue.!

Hints & Clues : We had 3 free hints. For each hint after that we were penalized 3 minutes. We requested a hint by pressing a button on the iPad; The hints were delivered via ipad as well. If we got too stuck, the GM spoke over a PA system.

Policy: Some Rules

Hints & Clues Quality: The hints kind of helped us out, but for the most part, we received hints for things we had already completed or information we already knew. It was kind of frustrating actually.

Quality: Good (things made sense)

Closure & Debrief :


We made it about 85% through the game. After our time ran out, the GM came into the room and explained the rest of the game to us. I was a little out off by the fact that she didn't know how one of the final puzzles worked. We eventually all figured it out together and she then explained the large final puzzle and final reveal to us.

Venue Description: Venue is in a shopping complex, there's full, spacious parking lot with lots of parking. There are also a few restaurants in the complex so grabbing a bite to eat after your game shouldn't be hard. The signage is nice and large so it'll be pretty easy to find once you arrive. The lobby is beautiful by the way.

Public Transportation : Some

Parking : Venue Free Parking

Theme: investigation,_crime, mystery

Narrative: Engage with the supernatural

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