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Expert Reviews
1 Gurubuck
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2 Gurubucks
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5 Gurubucks

How does it work?

5 GuruBucks for every new member you refer to our program, who purchases GuruCard or GuruPack.
2 GuruBucks for every game you have played with games in our program, using your GuruCard or GuruPack (remember to send us your order confirmation email to [email protected] so we can log your game)
Register as a Gureviewer and provide us with Gureviews. Earn 1 GuruBuck for every expert review you provide us with.

How to refer a friend
Send them over, your CardID and ask them to enter it in the referral/coupon field. You will instantly get a $5 GuruBucks credit.

How to obtain card-discounts
In order to obtain your discounts, please use room code when booking online. Remember to bring your GuruCard / GuruPack with you (that is the physical card you got or the email confirmation you received from [email protected], with your soft copy), and a valid ID

How to redeem my GuruBucks?
Whenever you have enough GuruBucks to play games in our program – email us. We will provide you with a code for that game.

GuruCard holders may use their GuruBucks to play with a friend. GuruPack holders may redeem up to 6 games, to play as a team.