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Get Ready to Enter Hyperspace

The Story

The Federation has received a distress signal from our head research vessel, Tranquility. A severe solar storm has disrupted it’s automatic flight systems leaving it stranded in a perilous situation and forcing the crew to deploy the emergency shuttle. The team aboard were attempting to adapt a known alien warp technology for use in our own fleet. Between the data stored on the servers and the experience of its technicians, the ship encompasses a wealth of invaluable knowledge crucial to the growth of our enterprise. There is no time to waste as Tranquility is slowly drifting towards a large gravitational force. Your squadron has been tasked to board Tranquility in an effort to restore it to operational condition, and bring it back to headquarters before it is lost to the void. Finishing and activating the warp drive is your best option. Engage!

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Number of Players:

3 to 10

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33 Street Northeast 3-700
Calgary T2A 5N9 AB CA
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