Crime Room

Company: Save Your Life

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The Story

You are agents of Polish Special Services - got information that Detective Mike has been innocently accused of killing four people. Well you know that the detective is innocent, but you are missing on this evidence. For 60 minutes will start hearing deciding the fate of your companion. During this time you have to meet the challenge and find secret documents acquittal Mike. Stay tuned and do not miss any detail. Set, Go!

Difficulty Group
Payment Methods
  • Cash


Room price (peak)
zł 120
Room price (off-peak)
zł 100
Room price (peak)
zł 120
Room price (off-peak)
zł 100

More Information

Number of Players:

2 to 4

Room Accepted Currency:


Game Duration in Minutes:


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Al. Sienkiewicz 42 B
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