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The Story

Brent Chadwick had a difficult childhood. He grew up in the shadow of his mother, Lucille, who was the founder of the sect nepoku?iteln?ch. Members of the sect were Orthodox Christians, who recognized the sermon: "Resist all temptation. If you're not able to resist, you have a chance for salvation only if you punish himself according to his guilt."Brent Chadwick growing up in this environment psychologically very affected. After the death of his mother hid in an underground monastery where for a few seconds to enter. Due to his deranged mind, this monastery became a place full of traps and pitfalls. You left the monastery, you have to find the urn with the ashes of Brent's mother Lucille and liberate her soul. If you do not succeed in sixty minutes, Brent returns to his hiding place ... and I really did not want to be at that moment in your skin!

  • Friends & Family
  • Team Building
  • Dating
  • Gamers
Difficulty Group
  • Bike Parking
  • Street
Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Online


1200,- K?
1200,- K?

More Information

Number of Players:

2 to 5

Room Accepted Currency:


Game Duration in Minutes:


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