The Time Bender

Company: Adventure Rooms Connecticut

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The Story

Remember the Future. Relive the Past. The future can be seen. The past can be relived. For the Time Bender the system is perfect. Until it comes after him. Martin French was the last Time Bender. Time bending – time travel for hire – was outlawed in 2025 and Martin’s memory, along with his skill set, was erased as a precaution by the authorities. Except the procedure did not work and his services are available for hire. Does your team have what it takes to accompany Martin on his latest quest?

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Group of 10 or more? Please call 860-358-9130 to book a large party.
Group of 10 or more? Please call 860-358-9130 to book a large party.

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Number of Players:

3 to 9

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GuReview - The Time Bender

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo


Game Played On: Sunday, 18th March 2018

Recommended Team Size: 3-5 Players

Kid Friendly: Yes

Game Duration: 60 Min.

Booking Method: Online

Start Time: On Time

Who is this for: Families, Beginners, Searchers

Live Actor: No

Public Transportation: N/A

Parking: Venue Free Parking

We totally missed the parking lot for this venue and ended up in the pharmacy parking lot. Be careful with your GPS.

Overview Notes:

This room is truly family friendly themed. Please note - a tall person on your team is not required, but makes several puzzles must easier to complete. The ideal team size for this room is 4 players due to specific puzzles within the game.

The Venue   

Venue / Lobby Info:

The venue is within a historical building that is absolutely stunning, with paths and mini garden areas throughout. It is absolutely a beautiful building. The lobby is long and narrow, with an area for your jackets and not much else.

Public Restrooms: Yes

Refreshments: No

Notes for People with Disabilities:

Please call prior to booking. There is an elevator but several areas have stairs to access. Within the room, there is not much of a chance for sitting down or resting . No climbing or crawling was in this game.

The Game   

Game Introduction: We had a very lively GM, who told us the story of the time bender, and that we were entering his workshop to try to find him.

Operator Intro: Exciting - takes you into the story

Theme: Fantasy / Fiction

Narrative: Find the Missing Person

Main room first glance: Wow!

Our adventure begins inside of a... TOY STORE?! WHAT?! It was brightly colored, with toys all over the place. It was unexpected and beautiful, and made a positive first impression immediately.

Flow: Good Flow - one thing leads to another. Sometime not clear

The flow of our game was interrupted for nearly 20 minutes, due to a malfunction within the game. A puzzle within the room was printed backwards, and a door was stuck (required a GM to enter and crowbar open). We were asking for help, trying to wave down the employee for nearly the entire 20 minutes, to no avail. The GM was absolutely wonderful upon entry, realized the issue, and credited our time back. However, this became a 20 minute disruption to our flow, that should have been solved within the first minute or two. The issue - apparently this company does not have microphones in the room, so the GMs were unable to understand what our problem was until they physically came into the room after providing us the same clue several times. After this initial (this problem occurred in the first 5 minutes we were in the room) hiccup, the rest of the game flowed beautifully.

Puzzles: Some of them were great (matched promised level)

Several puzzles in this game were unique takes on the theme, but it was a lot of fun. Expect more physical and adventure tasks as opposed to heavy puzzling in this room, making it a great family outing choice! There were usually 2 puzzles at a time that could be worked on simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for a group of 4 players.

Game Strengths:

Great use of a large playing space - beautiful set design - unique puzzles - unique theme

Game Weaknesses:

No way of communicating with the GMs

Hints & Clues, Debrief   

Method: TV-Monitor

Quality: Not OK

Closure & Debrief: Excellent (Catharsis)

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Main Street Extension 282
Middletown 06457 CT US
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Final Thoughts:

A wonderful, charismatic GM saved the day for us in Time Benders. While I would still recommend this room to other players, the inability to communicate with the GMs is an issue that I'd really like to see resolved.

Did You Escape: Yes


Overall Game:   

Game Master:   

Fun Factor:   

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