Wild Wild West

This classically designed room offers tactile clues & challenges
Company: Padlocked Inc.

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The Story

Your criminal ways have finally caught up with you. You've been arrested and are awaiting trial when you overhear the sheriff talking about a recent wagon heist. The Soapy Smith Gang robbed a shipment coming back from the gold rush, and they've hidden their loot in the local saloon. Use your criminal wits to bust out of jail and grab the loot before the gang rides back into town in 60 min to claim it back.

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4 to 8

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GuReview - Wild Wild West

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

Booked online via Padlocked's website about a month in advance, no issues.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : Walking in, Padlocked's lobby is on the smaller side, with seating for about 6 people. If you are coming as a large group, I would recommend meeting at the pizzeria a few doors down, and coming in together as a group right before your game time. There's an office to the left of the main entrance, and seating is directly in front and along the right side. There is a 'lobby puzzle' while you wait - if you solve it, you will receive a prize!

Hospitality : While the venue does not provide refreshments, there are several places to eat within the near vicinity. The restroom was clean at the venue, located near the rear of the facility.

Time Keeping : Our game started a little early.

Briefing Details : We were 'shackled' prior to entrance into the room, and were attached to various locations along a bench. While some horror rooms use a similar tactic, being a 'Wild West' room, this was not scary. There is a quick safety release (d-ring) on one end of the chain. The intro video played on a monitor in the front of the room. Due to the placement of the monitor, those of us sitting at the far end of the room were not able to see it. Better monitor placement would improve the briefing/immersiveness of the room.

Operator Intro : OK

Operators :

We met a few employees and the owner while at the facility. One of his GM's did not mesh very well with our group, and was hard to work with. When the puzzle in our room broke and needed GM intervention, the GM placed the items without a word on the table, and left. We ended up having to use a clue in order to find out what we were supposed to find from that puzzle, wasting a clue. At the end of the game, we were told by the same GM that 'yeah, it was a hard room', not acknowledging that we had several puzzle issues within the game. However, here comes the owner to the rescue. The owner pours his heart and soul into these rooms, and it shows. He's pleasant, professional, and fun to be around. His presence at the venue turned what could have been a negative overall experience, into a positive, 'intend to return' visit. He went over the puzzles that had issues, considered our feedback, and made us feel welcome. Every single escape room has 'bad puzzle days'. How the management handles these issues, and how GM's interact with players, can make or break future experiences for that group. Our group collectively had over 700 games played under their belt, and the interactions with the owner post game was the tipping point in making this into a positive experience.

The Game :

Unique theme, some great puzzles. It was just a 'bad puzzle day', and I hope that some of the kinks are resolved. Our experienced group of 5, even with issues, made it to the final puzzle. I would recommend this room for groups of 4 experienced - 6 novice players - several parts of this game are linear, and there isn't enough puzzles to occupy groups larger than 6.

The Venue :

Easy to find, nice sized game rooms, fantastic owner. Our group intends to return.

Main Room - First Glance :

Looks Good

We were shackled to a long bench in a hallway, and our first mission was to figure out how to unshackle ourselves! From my personal perspective (far end of the hallway) I was able to see that there were at least 2 other rooms that we had to maneuver through in order to escape. There were 'jail cell windows' throughout indicating future progress to be made. Those sitting in the front of the hallway could decipher that there was a sheriff's office that we had to enter to continue playing. Overall, I was impressed by the imagery and thought put into this room. The initial shape of the room was frustrating, as we had no idea what the intro video was saying/playing.

Flow :

Very Good and coherent flow

I enjoyed that the multi-room nature of this game allowed for an intentional flow to occur - there was very little back and forth between the rooms. There were a few choppy points in the flow due to specific puzzle issues and needing hints. Overall, we had a good idea of what was supposed to happen, it was just a matter of making it happen - somehow.

Puzzles :

Good puzzles

The Bad: Puzzle A had no audible/physical resolution indicating completion. Puzzle B was much touchier/specific than it should have been. Puzzle C got stuck where it shouldn't have, making us waste several minutes. Puzzle D malfunctioned and a GM had to come in to make the repair during play. Puzzle E had a terrible clue that misled us for several minutes. Some of these puzzles, the issue was with our team's expectations of a puzzle vs. puzzle design. Others, were just frustrating issues combined into a series of unfortunate events. The Good: Several puzzles stayed on theme, and we enjoyed the puzzle designer's use of non traditional locking mechanisms. There were a few physical puzzles, which were very enjoyable. There were some unique elements not seen elsewhere, and a few good 'WOW!' factors during game play. Overall: The puzzle concerns/issues did not dissuade us from deciding as a group to attempt other rooms at Padlocked, but it was a rough puzzle day for our team. This room is an example of creativity vs. practicality, and of 'enthusiast logic/egos getting in the way'.

Hints & Clues : Clues via TV screen, asked for via walkie talkie.

Policy: Some Rules

Hints & Clues Quality: Ask and you shall receive. Our walkie talkie kept turning off during the game, but this is a known issue with the brand being used.

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief :

Very Good

Our group of 5 made it to the final puzzle within the game, where we spent 6 minutes trying to complete the final puzzle, incorrectly. The GM came in once we ran out of time, and showed us the solution to the puzzle. Afterwards, we received some sneak peaks of future rooms being created at Padlocked, and were informed of some changes/improvements being made to the games.

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Venue Description: Padlocked is located in a strip mall, on the far end. When driving, it is easy to see from a car.

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