Bullets and Broken Hearts

Company: Komnata Quest

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The Story

It is possible to find everything in the Sin City - cheap drinks, excellent stuff, a gorgeous girlfriend for a night, a hitman in order not to get your own hands dirty. But it is also the easiest way to find problems for .... yourself And then you shouldn't expect the police to help. The police here serves Senator Rork who knows whom to execute and whom to pardon. After curfew no one can leave the city. So you have just 60 minutes to find out the only thing that can't be found in the Sin City - Senator's dirty laundry.

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Number of Players:

4 to 10

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GuReview - Bullets and Broken Hearts

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

As always, Komnata's booking system is low key and simple. We booked a few weeks in advance online, no issues.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : Compared to other Komnata locations, this venue has a rather large waiting area upon arrival. As usual, it is rather dark in the main room, but plenty of space for 2 groups to hang out waiting for games to complete.

Hospitality : While there are no refreshments at this location, you are within walking distance of dozens of bars and restaurants in the area. The restroom was unisex and clean.

Time Keeping : Our game started on time.

Briefing Details : For this game, our group of three was split up, with one of our members taken off into the game somewhere. We weren't quite sure what our mission was, other than the room was Sin City themed. I don't recall being given a real directive to follow.

Operator Intro : OK

Operators :

Our operator was a little nervous, a little new to Komnata, but overall very nice. He handled the broken puzzle quite elegantly and I have to give him credit for that.

The Game :

Nice large playing field, puzzles stayed on theme. Good flow once your team joins up with all members. I would rework the beginning of the game a bit to make it a bit more exciting from Minute #1.

The Venue :

It's a great spot, and am excited to see more Komnata quests open at this location. The large space is very promising.

Main Room - First Glance :


One thing that this game did really, really well was transport us into the world of Sin City. Everything was monochromatic, and the set is very large - especially for Brooklyn. My experience of the 'main room' would be different than my companions, as we had been split up prior to game start.

Flow :

Good Flow - one thing leads to another. Sometime not clear

If you have played other Komnata games, you are already expecting an adventure heavy, task oriented escape room. Bullets delivers on that promise. The flow makes sense, although having two start points can be very frustrating depending on where you begin your game. The first 15 minutes we spent separate from each other, and the player that was taken away got pretty bored, pretty quickly.

Puzzles :

Some of them were great (matched promised level)

For a new 'large' Komnata game, we were expecting a LOT of puzzles and tasks, a large set, and new ideas. While the puzzles make sense, we did get stuck for a bit due to a broken puzzle. I suggest sneakers and jeans for part of your team, as there are some more physical components to the room. For such a large set, there are actually very few puzzles or tasks to complete for this room. However, there is a LOT of reading like as if you were in one of the Sin City comic books - I kind of enjoyed it, but it is more for narrative than game play. I did enjoy that the puzzles stayed on theme.

Hints & Clues : Clues via walkie talkie, unlimited.

Policy: Loose or no policy

Hints & Clues Quality: The walkie talkie was invaluable when we got stuck on the broken puzzle. Do not be afraid to use the walkie talkie when needed.

Quality: Good (things made sense)

Closure & Debrief :

Very Good

With about 6 minutes to spare, our group of 3 escaped Sin City. The ending was unexpected for Komnata, and I truly enjoyed it. We were met by our game operator at the end of the game - photos were not taken as the camera was broken. This room is sold for being a 'large' room for 10 players - I would recommend a group size of 3-5 players. If you do not have any experience with Komnata games, it is a very good starting point, with enough 'easier' puzzles to make this game enjoyable. For more experienced players, sit back and enjoy the set design and the large playing field. This game is also 'older-teen friendly' compared to some of the other Komnata rooms, but I wouldn't bring a smaller child in (stripper poles and cages are a regular theme in the game).

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West Street 67
Brooklyn 11222 NY US
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Venue Description: We actually went to the OTHER brooklyn Komnata location 3 blocks away at first, only to be redirected here. This venue is inside of a 'hipster mall' building, with several artisan shops, a wedding going on, and other event spaces. It was a bit odd of a location, since we didn't know what to look for.

Public Transportation : Excellent

Walking distance from the L or G train.

Parking : Street parking – lots of it

We found parking on the street, one block away. Be careful on the weekends, you may not be so lucky!

Theme: fantasy_/ fiction

Narrative: Abstract - No Overarching Narrative

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