Gangsters Treasure

A notorious gangster has been shot, can you find his treasure?
Company: Clue Adventures

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Length:                 One hour

Difficulty:             ****

Success Rate:     75%

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The Story

Much hated Gangster, Dutch Schultz has been shot. The police are one hour away, in the time you will need to find out which, of his numerous enemies pulled the trigger. It will lead you to his last will and testament. As well as being the most notorious gangster in town, he is thought to also be the richest. Amassing a fortune from bootleg booze and illegal gambling, no one knows where his loot is hidden. Can you and your team find it? Set in New York in 1935, this is a fun packed, escape game and murder mystery combined.

What Is The Secret To Success ?

Deduction as well as logical thinking

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Number of Players:

2 to 6

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