The Break of Day

Company: Epic Team Adventures

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The Story

Your ship has run aground on a South Pacific island. Checking your nautical charts, you hope against hope that this is the legendary Lost Island, a land of untold riches and strange powers. As your band of treasure hunters eagerly explore your surroundings, you discover that the island is deserted other than some time-worn statues and vine-covered carvings among the ruins. Break of Day is episode one in the Vault of the Volcano God adventure series. It is designed for teams of 3 – 10 people. Your team’s goal is to escape the island with the most valuable gems by working together to solve many mind-bending puzzles. The catch is that you must do this without invoking the wrath of the volcano god.

  • Special Events
  • Friends & Family
  • Team Building
  • Dating
  • Students
  • Gamers
  • Tourists
Difficulty Group
  • Kids and Family
  • Beginners
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Player price

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3 to 10

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