Pirate’s Plunder

Company: Escape At The Shore

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The Story

Captain Kidd was the first real “Double Agent” Pirate! This Pirate was given permission by the Royal Navy to loot, pillage and murder enemies of England. Captain Kidd amassed untold amounts of treasure while sailing the Indian Ocean. Due to playing both sides of the fence, Captain Kid was a wanted man by the English Royal Navy. Before his Execution, Captain Kidd buried all of his Treasure on the coasts of New Jersey and New York. You and your friends have 60 minutes to solve Captain Kidd’s Puzzles, find the treasure and escape! As soon as the leader of your group finishes downloading your hacked FBI files, an unauthorized transmission begins…… “Your acceptance of this transmission is in accordance with Galactic Law #65193 and thus we are now in negotiation. Your planet has unlawfully abducted a leader in our supreme command. Return him immediately. You will have one hour to comply or we will destroy your planet!”

  • Special Events
  • Friends & Family
  • Team Building
  • Dating
  • Students
  • Gamers
  • Tourists
Difficulty Group
  • Kids and Family
  • Beginners
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Player price
Doesn't include tax.

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Number of Players:

2 to 8

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