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Company: Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

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The Story

While his office seems like a friendly and inviting area, stories have been circulating around the town that the local veterinarian has been acting very strange lately. Even more suspicious is the rash of pet disappearances around the neighborhood over the past few weeks. You have a strong suspicion the two are linked somehow. The stakes are raised when your cat goes missing too! It's time for a rescue operation! You must be careful - the vet office has a security system that has to be deactivated. Otherwise, if you get caught snooping around, the authorities will think that you're the animal kidnappers! See what clues you can find to uncover what’s really going on behind closed doors and collect the info needed to rescue your beloved pet! Information association is key in this room, where multiple objects or bits of information need to be combined and analyzed in order to get the winning results! Can you put the pieces of this puzzle together to navigate your way through this multi-room experience and solve the mysteries of the animal kidnappings?

  • Special Events
  • Friends & Family
  • Team Building
  • Dating
  • Students
  • Gamers
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  • Kids and Family
  • Advanced
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1 to 6

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