Company: Locked In Escapes

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The Story

Another day on the grind. Rubbing your head, you shuffle through the large stack of paper that litter your desk. Nothing conclusive. All dead ends. It’s frustrating. If he slips up just once, you could catch him. But he’s too good. Sighing you lean back, your chair squeaks, the fan stirs the thick, musty air. Suddenly your door slams open snapping you out of your funk. “We got something!” One of your detectives ushers you out of your office and into the main area. Handing you a piece of paper they are practically bouncing on their heels as you read it. It takes a couple rereads before it sinks in. It is an anonymous tip indicating the location of “the revolutionary’s” base of operation. Apparently, he has been working out of a rented space. This is the lead you’ve been looking for. Grabbing your coat, you call to your team. It’s time to catch this psycho. Slowly opening the door of the rented space, you and your detective team work their way inside. As the door closes behind you, you hear the click of a lock. Twisting the locked door handle confirms your suspicions. That wasn’t a tip, it was a trap. You should’ve known, “the revolutionary” is always one step ahead of you and your team. A timer counts down; 60 minutes until he returns. Given his record of four violent murders, you have a feeling that you and your team will become his fifth if you don’t escape in time.

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  • Beginners
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This is an excellent room for beginners!


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Player price

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1 to 8

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