Legends of a Hidden Temple

Company: Escape Game LI

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The Story

You and your fellow archaeologists travel around the world searching for lost artifacts and infiltrate dangerous tombs and ruins. Your mentor, Professor Rosely, went on a dangerous mission alone in search of an ancient lost ruby. He has gone missing so you and your colleagues are attempting to pick up where he left off still in search of the treasure. You have located his dig site outside of the temple's entrance, but so excited to enter, you fall into the tomb's quicksand trap set by the ancient temple guards. This is one of many dangerous traps, riddles, and secret passageways the temple guards have set to protect the tomb's treasure. Find your way out of the quicksand, crack the codes to get into the temple, make your way through the walls of despair, and through the grotto. If you venture that deep into the temple, you may have a chance at the treasure, but will you escape out alive?

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