Atlas 8

Guide the spaceship to your new home planet
Company: Memphis Escape Rooms

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It’s the year 2150, and Earth has become uninhabitable for the human race.  You and a host of other passengers are traveling through interstellar space on board the Atlas 8, a spacecraft designed to take you to your new home: an earth-like planet called Kepler 452B.  After decades of uninterrupted flight, the Atlas 8 suddenly encountered cosmic rays from a nearby star that have damaged the ship’s guidance system, incapacitated crew members, and left the ship sailing off course into the great void of space.

Your mission is to repair the damaged guidance system, take command of the ship in place of the captain, and correct the ship’s course toward Kepler 452B.  The once bright hope of the human race has all but faded. Stray from your mission, and the light of mankind will be snuffed out.  But persist, and it will continue to shine on from our new home among the stars.

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