Final Breath

Trapped in an undergroud bunker & the air is running out!
Company: Michigan Escape Games

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The Story

Final Breath: An Abduction Escape. You were drugged and secretly taken along with a few of your friends to a sealed underground processing facility where a fanatic bent on ‘cleansing the planet’ has determined that you are no longer fit for society. Your abductor has turned off the oxygen supply and left you to die and no one knows where you’re at. To make matters worse, other noxious gasses have been leaking into what little air you have left, giving you just 75 minutes to rely on your own wits and cunning to free yourselves before he returns to dispose of your lifeless bodies.  The intensity of this room will challenge EXPERT PLAYERS. This is a premium escape room and due to the complexity, 75 minutes has been allowed and a minimum of 5 Victims is required to attempt this room. (many puzzles will require multiple players) Due to the intensity of this scenario, no one under 16 will be allowed. Steps, bending and crawling may be required to escape this room. —Anyone with a serious heart condition, is clinically claustrophobic or is in advanced pregnancy should not participate in this Adventure. This is your final warning, take it seriously!  

What's Waiting Inside The Room ?

A Darkened room, A caged area, a dark box, handcuffs, a rolling chair with tie straps... This place is creepy. Someone will be initially separated from the group. Get a volunteer that is specifically not claustrophobic. You'll have to work together to have this key person rejoin the group.

What Is The Secret To Success ?

Try not to let the intensity of the situation stop you from escaping your bindings and figuring out how to get out of the room. Someone has been separated from your group and getting them free quickly and finding a way for them to rejoin your group will be key in your survival. This room is 75 minutes long for a reason. (It has been deemed inescapable in 60 minutes even by an expert group.) Time is not on your side. This is an exhilarating adventure and those that escape get a prize! - Come with an experienced group. 11 victims tend to escape more often than any other size group.

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Difficulty Comments:

Very High Challenge for EXPERIENCED PLAYERS. (This room has a high intensity)
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Player price (peak)
Player price (off-peak)
Full room price (up to 10 people): 295$
Player price (peak)
Player price (off-peak)
Full room price (up to 10 people): 295$

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5 to 10

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