Mission to Winchintzy

A puzzling adventure
Company: ClueCapers Limited

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Two rooms with the same game mean up to 10 people racing to complete your mission and escape at the same time.

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Difficulty Comments:

Ask us about bringing younger members of the family or if you think you're up to our 'Dastardly' version.
Fear Factor

The Story

Eccentric amateur scientist, Buff Hoon-Smith has secretly developed a working portal to parallel universes. A special agency has been formed to investigate these curious worlds, in the hope of finding new solutions to our own world’s challenges. Unfortunately, Buff was recently allowed to join one of these expeditions, to a parallel Winchester we have labelled Winchintzy. In spite of his very capable escorts, it appears he mislaid an important blue print for his portal. Your mission is to visit Winchintzy and retrieve the designs before they can be mis-used. Please note: once opened, any portal is only stable for about sixty minutes so you will need to use your time well.

What Happens If You Do Not Succeed ?

Rescue at 75 minutes


Room price
Room price

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Number of Players:

2 to 5

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