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The Story

Ellis Island office, complete with suitcases with belongings, documents where each item is a key to a lock somewhere. The dates and names all tell a story of the Polonsky family journey from Europe to America. Once the journey timeline is complete, a new dimension of the space is revealed ushering the visitor deeper into the room, and yet deeper into Dr. Paull's past. The visitor will find himself in the world of the Shpoler Zeide: being able to touch the objects he cared about and play a part in his legendary mitzvah of redeeming the captives. Everything is a part of the escape, everything plays a role in the solution. No object is there without reason, just like the life of a Tzaddik is measured to a second! Throughout these 60 minutes, be part of Dr. Paull's journey to reconnect with the Zeide, and perhaps even hear your own ancestors beckoning to come closer...

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60 Minutes

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