Stash House

Immersive escape experience that explores LA's seedy underbelly
Company: Stash House

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Stash House is an immersive escape experience that explores the dark world of crime in Los Angeles. Does your crew have what it takes to pass the test?

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Difficulty Level

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The Story

Your group has been invited to a seemingly-normal Koreatown apartment owned by a local entrepreneur to discuss a business opportunity. Shortly after arriving, you discover the apartment belongs to Ray Jones, notorious Los Angeles drug kingpin, and that Ray has a test in store for you: find all the drugs hidden in the space and flush them before the cops arrive or face the consequences.


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Player price

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Number of Players:

4 to 11

Room Accepted Currency:


Minimum Age:


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Game Duration in Minutes:


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GuReview - Stash House

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo


Game Played On: Sunday, 14th October 2018

Recommended Team Size: 4-6 Players

Kid Friendly: No

Game Duration: 60 Min.

Booking Method: Online

Start Time: On Time

Who is this for: Families , Enthusiasts , Searchers , Other

Live Actor: No

Public Transportation: N/A

Parking: Street parking – some

Street parking wasn't an issue

Overview Notes:

Due to the theme of the game, I would recommend keeping small children at home. Teenagers should be OK. This room can comfortably keep teams of 4-6 enthusiasts busy.

The Venue   

Venue / Lobby Info:

With no official lobby, the debriefing area is part of the game. You will be waiting outside prior to your game start time.

Public Restrooms: Yes

Refreshments: No

Notes for People with Disabilities:

There is ample seating within the space if a rest is needed. The ability to climb stairs is required for the second portion of the experience. One portion of the game requires some of your team to crawl/kneel.

The Game   

Game Introduction: Without giving too much away, it's up to our team to help out our good friend Ray.

Operator Intro: Exciting - takes you into the story

Theme: Investigation, Crime, Mystery,_crime, mystery

Narrative: Defuse the explosive device

Main room first glance: Nice & Neat!

We find ourselves in Ray's apartment, a complete bachelor pad / party palace. With tons of areas to explore, this will be the most interesting home you've ever seen!

Flow: Very Good and coherent flow

There is so much to do within Ray's apartment, that you can play this game twice with friends to fully execute each puzzle. As long as your teammates are solving puzzles at the same speed as you, there is a flawless flow to reveal.

Puzzles: Some of them were great (matched promised level)

Puzzles vary from easy difficulty to obscure. Pay close attention and do not overthink!

Game Strengths:

Interesting story line - unique use of an apartment setting - large set to explore - fantastic staff

Game Weaknesses:

In larger groups it is easy to miss half the game. One set of puzzles fully isolates players from the surrounding game for quite some time.

Hints & Clues, Debrief   

Method: Phone

Quality: Excellent (They have advanced the game, built-in escalation, no answer-disclosing)

Closure & Debrief: Excellent (Catharsis)

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West 3rd Street 4267
Los Angeles 90020 CA US
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Final Thoughts:

Stash House is a unique, challenging, and fun experience. It is a 'must play' for every Escape Room enthusiast visiting Los Angeles. While it may be one of the older games in the area, it still holds it weight against newcomers. Bring a nice sized group of friends when playing - there's just so much to do!

Did You Escape: Yes


Overall Game:   

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