The Perfect Crime

Company: Escape Room Madness

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The Story

This case is the toughest one yet for your team of special agents. The detective unit is desperatly searching for clues in what seems to be the perfect crime. Not only your job, but your life could be on the line...

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Number of Players:

1 to 12

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GuReview - The Perfect Crime

by Gureviewer: rachelklepadlo

Ease Of Booking :

We played this game as a 'meetup' event with 7 players. Our group received a discount from the venue when booking.

Entrance Rating:

Lobby : Beautifully set up lobby, small but comfortable. Seating for about 8 people is readily available. If you have a large group, I recommend meeting elsewhere and entering together into the venue in case others are already waiting in the lobby. While we were there, we found out about a non profit puppy adoption they are hosting later in the month (February 2018!)

Hospitality : While no food or refreshments are served, there is a coffee spot across the street and several places to eat. There is even a karaoke bar on the same floor as Escape Room Madness (good place to meet prior to playing!). The restrooms are by key entry only, and are relatively clean (but small).

Time Keeping : The GM allowed us 10 minutes for a few later arrivals in our group, and then we began playing! Please be on time to escape rooms whenever possible!

Briefing Details : Jony walked us into the room, and explained that our mission is a two parter - find the murderer, and get out. He described the major game elements to be on the watch for, and pointed out a newer tech piece that was added into the room. Upon his departure, a hysterical/creepy 2 minute intro video played, which added a great touch to the room. Escape Room Madness has some of the best intro videos in NYC!

Operator Intro : Interesting

Operators :

Attentive, courteous, and professional. Couldn't ask for anything more from their staff. Bonus points for promoting a non profit! Who doesn't like puppies?!

The Game :

The game was interesting and kept our group busy for the entire hour. A star was removed due to the puzzle-combo lock - puzzle - combo lock pattern that continued throughout the game, as well as for having several locks that were worn down. That being said, it was a fun experience, and our group truly enjoyed themselves.

The Venue :

Beautiful lobby, well maintained games, amazing staff, and rooms that are constantly evolving. I look forward to playing all games that Escape Room Madness creates in the future, and would recommend this venue to experienced players.

Main Room - First Glance :

Nice & Neat!

This escape room was one large room, about 15'x20'. There was enough room for all of us to branch out and explore without stepping on toes. During your initial glance, you're able to spot several combination locks, as well as a big desk, bookcases, a shelf, and a giant chalkboard on the wall. While there isn't a 'WOW' factor to the room's appearance... I don't know what would make a police officer's office truly pop out? The room fits the theme.

Flow :

Very Good and coherent flow

One thing Escape Room Madness does wonderfully is fill their room with plenty of puzzles for large groups to work on. At a few points, the flow was a little choppy, but for the most part our group stayed busy for the entire hour we were in the room, working on several different things concurrently. It's refreshing to see a 'large public room' that has enough going on to truly keep a bigger group occupied, without getting frustrated.

Puzzles :

Good puzzles

There are several smaller puzzles to solve, to create two grand 'MEGA' puzzles within the game. This setup is comfortable and familiar, and isn't overwhelming to new players. The hardest part of this room for me, personally, was the sheer number of combination locks found throughout the room. Each time we believed we had a correct combo, there were several locks to try it on. The puzzles themselves were fun and interesting - the number of combination locks to get to the next puzzle/step was frustrating. There was a little additional frustration in our group where a few locks were worn down and had trouble opening.

Hints & Clues : Ask, and you shall receive via TV monitor.

Policy: Some Rules

Hints & Clues Quality: When we were asking for hints, our GM was right on top of it - we received our clues within 10 seconds of asking. This was super prompt and appreciated, allowing us to continue our game.

Quality: Good (things made sense)

Closure & Debrief :

Excellent (Catharsis)

Our group was about 1:30 away from solving the room, but alas the amount of steps in the room caught up to us. Our GM Jony walked us through the room, allowing us to finish the last puzzle - this was great!! We pointed out the locks we were having issues with, and one was actually replaced right after our game! The responsiveness of Escape Room Madness to correct issues has to be commended.

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West 32nd Street 38
Midtown Manhattan 10001 NY US
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Monday - Thursday :
Friday - Sunday :
12:00 PM - 11:30 PM
10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Venue Description: This building hosts several escape room companies. Escape Room Madness is located on the 5th floor. It is a standard office building in the middle of the block.

Public Transportation : Excellent

Several train stations are walking distance away

Parking : Only street parking – well-packed| Paid parking, next to the venue

On Sundays, street parking is free - meters aren't in effect

Theme: investigation,_crime, mystery

Narrative: Solve the Murder

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