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The Story

Centuries ago in the lands of ancient Egypt, a young ruler by the name of king tut had control of Egypt. He's is known to have been the youngest king in all of the dynasties. ​ A short while after king tuts reign, he passed away with no known explanation. He was buried in a tomb as all kings of Egypt were. However, his tomb was not found until hundreds of years later when it was stumbled across by a group of archaeologists. The tombs found by these archaeologists are known as the chamber of kings though they found these tombs, king tuts tomb was still no where to be found. ​ One morning as the Ancient Nile Breaking news was broadcasting a story about the Kings lost tomb, it was found by a couple of archaeologists! Upon the discovery the Tomb opens and the King awakens, raged, and is trying to escape his tomb to bring darkness onto all of Egypt as he wants to avenge his death. ​ The only way to shut the tombs door is from the inside. You and your fellow archaeologists did so and now you were stuck inside the tomb and need to find a way out. As you were wandering around, you step on a trap which triggers a countdown of 60 minutes for you to find the kings tomb and escape before you are trapped in the chamber for all of eternity. Will you make it out?

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