The Box

Escape Room
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The Theme is a crate at a shipping yard.

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Difficulty Level


Difficulty Comments:

It is easier if you work as a team

The Story

You find yourself at a shipping yard and witness the murder by the local drug baron. In devastation you cry out which means you have just been court by the drug baron and his henchman. The Henchman are ordered to dispose of you which means this is not sounding good for you, you are crammed into a shipping crate...... You have 60 minutes to escape The Box!!! Will you beat the clock or will you be shipped and where too??

What Is The Secret To Success ?

Work as a team and you will get a better result

More Information

Number of Players:

2 to 8

Room Accepted Currency:


Cost per Room:

40 - 80

Minimum Age:


Game Duration in Minutes:


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