Orient Express

Murder Mystery on the Orient Express
Company: Architect Escape Rooms

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The Story

Detective Pierre Le Blu boards the Orient Express in Paris France and is traveling to Serbia to receive a commendation being awarded to him for his assistance in one of Serbia’s most notorious cases. The famous Orient Express has long been known for hosting some of Europe’s most upscale and well to do passengers and this trip would prove no different……or would it? As the trip progresses and night falls so does a vicious ice storm which has frozen the tracks making traveling conditions unsafe to proceed any farther. This forces the train to come to a stop until the ice can melt from the tracks. In light of the recent news Detective Le Blu decides to make the most of the situation and decides to catch up on some much needed sleep before his arrival in Serbia. Le Blu heads back to his cabin where he bumps into his old friend Johann Von Schmidt a famous artist who’s artwork has become world renowned and coveted by fine art collectors. They exchange some quick pleasantries before Johann states he is heading to the dining car for a night cap and says goodnight to Le Blu. No sooner had LeBlu started to doze off when there was a frantic knock on the door from the train conductor, Henry Clermont. He urges you to please come with him that there has been a murder in the dining car. You quickly rush with him where upon entering the car you see your good friend Johann’s lifeless body slumped over with multiple stab wounds. The only people left in the dining car besides yourself are 5 suspects, all of which have possible motives. Your reputation as one of Europe’s most esteemed detectives proceeds you and given the circumstances you must figure out who murdered your old friend. You start to notice the suspects grow uneasy and feel that you might become the next target if you do not act fast. The ice on the tracks is starting to melt and soon the train will start on its journey again. You have 1 hour to solve this murder mystery before the train reaches its next stop and the killer escapes scot free or perhaps before you become the next victim.

  • Friends & Family
  • Team Building
  • Dating
  • Students
  • Gamers
  • Tourists
Difficulty Group
  • Kids and Family
  • Experts
  • Advanced
  • Beginners
  • Street
Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Online

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Number of Players:

2 to 8

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