World War Zombies

Adventure Game With Alot of Hidden Nook and Cranny
Company: Trapped

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The World is at war with the Zombies. As you and your friends seek shelter in an abandoned building, you realized that you are not alone. You have 60mins to solve the mysteries and escape within 60mins before you too join the ranks of the undead.

This is Trapped’s most popular game ever since the 2nd outlet opened. This themed game has numerous hidden chambers. And it has that ambience to keep you going and searching for more. It is an adventure set up with a few surprises here and there that may startle one. But the themed game is not positioned as scary, rather as an adventure. 

  • Special Events
  • Team Building
  • Dating
  • Students
  • Gamers
  • Tourists
Difficulty Group
  • Kids and Family
  • Experts
  • Advanced
  • Beginners
  • Venue - Paid
Payment Methods
  • Cash

Difficulty Level

Fear Factor

What Is The Secret To Success ?

Only some of the zombies are helpful!

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Number of Players:

2 to 10

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